The way that we do things…

One of the things that I really like about publishing in online, open-access journals is that the time between writing the piece and it appearing before the readers can be incredibly short. An article just out on “Two models for sharing digital open educational resources” took less than three months from first submission, through peer-reviewing, responses, proof-reading etc to the final appearance of the article. (The full-text is available in multiple formats in the links at the bottom of the abstract). This is exactly what the authors wish to see happening – to get their ideas out in front of an interested readership while the ideas are still fresh. A previous paper of mine a few years ago took almost three years from the time I submitted it until it appeared in print format, by which time even I waned in interest. I think the combination of computer automation of the submission process, together with crowd-sharing the detailed work of reviewing, proof-reading and so on, has got to be the model for the future. I get increasingly frustrated to chase-up an interesting-looking reference only to find that I am expected to pay to view it. Usually I do not! (I can probably obtain it through the UHI online journals library, but that really does not serve the wider public who have educational needs and no access to fire-walled libraries). The open way has got to be the way of the future!


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