JISC initiative

JISC initiative

My Monday was spent in London at the JISC (Joint Information Services Committee) offices meeting with Roger Tritton and the leaders of the other three university projects on “the university as an e-book provider”. This is the start of a really exciting project on researching four different approaches to the preparation and publication of academic textbooks by universities to improve the learning, teaching, and research of their students and staff. We will each be exploring different models of publication – some free, some for payment – and associated Open Access Resources. There are three ‘stages’ in the projects; the publication of two e-books each; the investigation of how and where these e-textbooks are used; the documentation of the entire process so that lessons and tips can be passed to other institutions to inform their practices. Our project is led by Lews Castle College UHI (University of the Highlands and Islands) in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University. The two e-textbooks that we will produce will be about ‘how to prepare a research dissertation’ and ‘how to develop your research practice’ – with accompanying websites with supporting OER. We are calling our project “e-tips” standing for “e-textbook institutional publishing services”, and we hope that after its three-year project phase, we will be able to extend it to other subject areas and the academics of other universities. No doubt I will blog more on this as we get more into the project. (I love the start of a new project!)


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