e-books again

e-books again

I have been doing some work on e-books recently, so I was delighted to learn that we have just won a contract from JISC to research “the institution as an e-book publisher”. It will entail us producing a couple of e-books as core texts, investigating how these books are used, and documenting the whole process so that we can share this with other institutions that want to create their own e-book service. Ours will be particularly targeted at linking with our online education provision, but enabling students to download the key text for offline access on their kindle, or iPad etc. A key part for me will be the creation of a companion website that will allow us to add and update the e-book, and also to allow the addition of other “layers” of information, such as case studies and examples of how the key concepts in the e-book can be contextualised in various situations. This interactivity with the printed word is a novel aspect of digital texts, and I am looking forward to experimenting with the ideas. We have a good team at the UHI and we will be working with colleagues at Edinburgh Napier University, so keep an eye open for the e-tips project (e-textbooks institutional publication service) it’s coming tour way soon…. 🙂


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