Today my first novel came out as a self-published e-book on Amazon. I have written/edited 28 books, but normally through a conventional publisher. This is the first self-published e-book that I have done, and I am amazed at how easy it is! Once you have the book and cover files, it takes literally five minutes to upload all the details to Amazon… and it’s there! Available to the world! . This has got to be a fantastic boon for academic literature! The last few textbooks that I have done have costed £70+ in hardback, and as the publishers only do short print-runs, they go out of print quickly. With self-published e-books, we can release short academic works directly to the public. True, it means that we need to deal with proof-reading and quality-checks ourselves, but should we not do this anyway? This would even be good for releasing Kindle versions of course materials and back-up texts, as well as monographs, philosophy, short biographies etc. It surely is going to be crucial in the next Research Excellence Framework? (Why would you value a journal article that a few down people cite when you can demonstrate 100’s, perhaps 1000’s of e-downloads?


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