Frustration with the dynamics of a network where some people seem to think that important things can (should) only happen at a centre. How can an integrated network have a centre? I firmly believe that we can dissociate a centralised function from a centralised geographical location. In the UHI, the huge videoconferencing network is co-ordinated from Shetland – which I am sure most people would agree is not a “central” location (apart from those people who live in Shetland!) I thoroughly approve of this, and I wish other “centrallised” functions would be geographically de-centrallised. I think it would benefit the entire network to ‘walk-the-talk’ and commit to the fact that Inverness is not the automatic choice of university functions that are established to benefit the whole network. With decentrallised communications and an efficient transport system (ten flights a day from Stornoway – I can leave home at breakfast and be in London/Paris/Brussels by lunch-time) – why do we cling to this comfort-blanket of co-location in an over-priced urban office?


One thought on “Whirlwind”

  1. Fundemental to UHI’s network is its teaching – if it wants to put distributed network working at the heart of what it does it needs to create multi-campus departments rather allowing individual colleges to dominate sectors such as archaeology or tourism. It is easier to build a power base in one college, but it would serve the best interests of students to disperse those staff over more centres. It is a well established fact that students feel better supported on VC led programmes if their teaching sometimes comes from the centre they are based in. College / campuses are also more likely to feel they have a stake in a programme and promote it actively if they have staff engaged in its delivery rather than just act as hosts.

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