Research Planning

Just back from a couple of days in the Executive Office, in part discussing the strategy for encouraging future research at the UHI. It was a really successful meeting and it feels like a change in the wind. Some really good ideas from the new Vice Principal (Research) and some good discussion among the staff present. Despite being a big fan or “participating at a distance” through videoconferencing and other tools, this is a good example of when a bit of ‘face-time’ goes a long way. In a distribute environment like our university – thirteen Academic Partners (college and research centres) spread over a huge wedge of country – it is invaluable to be able to use technology to link to distant sites, but even once or twice a year it’s good to catch up with colleagues and go for a meal and a drink afterwards. Unfortunately the down-side is that I got caught by the storm that swept the UK yesterday and my flight was delayed for over four hours, landing at 22.30 in the dark and the snow. There are many advantages to networking from the comfort of my cosy office!


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